Michael Nidd
  • Specialist process designer and advisor for the Mina Slaughterhouse design – the largest slaughterhouse in the world.
  • Experienced understanding of international client needs in all countries.
  • Delivery of total meat plant design relevant to location.

Michael Nidd

Title: Meat Process Designer & Advisor

Profession: Industrial Engineer

Qualifications: Diploma of Industrial Engineering

Position in Proand: Director

Michael is a Director of Proand Ltd. He is also a Project Manager with experience in the delivery of Meat Processing based projects.

He has over 30 years extensive experience in all areas of the meat and associated products industry. He has a proven track record with innovative and cost effective total meat plant designs and operations.

Michael has had experience is all facets of project delivery, ranging from feasibility studies and concept design through to the appointment of design consultants and contractors to process contractor supervision.

He has considerable practical international meat process plant and design experience. He has responsibility for process in many countries including New Zealand, Australia, Middle East, South America, South Africa and Iceland

Stuart Osborne
  • Extensive experience in process design and plant installation in overseas locations.
  • Strong working knowledge of meat processing regulations.
  • Ability to manage and supervise projects.

Stuart Osborne

Title: Process Design Engineer

Profession: Mechanical Engineer

Qualifications: NZ Certificate of Engineering (Mechanical & HVAC)

Stuart is a Director of Proand, bringing 38 continuous years in the Meat Processing and associated products industry. He has a proven track record in designing and engineering of innovative and cost effective meat processing plants.

Stuart’s experience is in all engineering facets of a project, from feasibility study to successful commissioning of the processing plant.

He has extensive international experience in both design and practical side. International experience has included New Zealand, Australia, China, USA, Canada, Middle East and South America. Practical experience comes from several years as Plant Engineer for a large multi-species plant in Australia.