Proand - Serving the international meat industry since 1984

About Us

Proand is an international market leader in the design and operation of efficient and hygienic meat plants. All people working for Proand have extensive experience in the meat industry covering engineering, management, production and research.

With this experience, Proand is unique in offering a totally integrated range of services to our clients from pre-design through to commissioning and operation of plants. We cover the full spectrum of meat processing.

Proand operates internationally and has been responsible for many innovative plant designs for beef and sheep.

Our broad range of meat industry skills allow us to work alongside the client with great success. We keep the client fully informed at all times. Our approach is successful because we form a team with the client and understand their needs.

Proand has a reputation for modern, cost effective, food safe and innovative solutions for meat processing. Many of these areas have been developed by Proand.

Our primary focus is upon food safety. Our approach is to use simple, smart, innovative and modern technology. We tailor our designs and operations to the clients country.

The design, construction and operational package emphasis is upon operating efficiency and food product quality.